Organic Soap Nuts FAQs

organicsforpoverty Admin

What is a soap nut?
Contrary to the name, soap nuts (or soap berries) are actually stone fruit from a tree called sapindus mukorossi. Organics for Poverty's organic soap nuts are the dried fruit from these trees and the seeds have been removed. The leftover outer casings contain saponin, which is a natural detergent that is released from the soap nut when agitated in water.

Are soap nuts effective in cold water?
Soap nuts work well in cold water laundry washes. The saponin is released slower in cold water, allowing for more wash loads. By using less water and power, you’ll save more money.

Why are my towels and clothes so soft and fluffy after washing them with soap nuts?
Organics for Poverty's organic soap nuts are a laundry detergent and fabric softener in one. Regular fabric softeners deposit waxy residue on fabric, affecting the ability to wick or absorb moisture. The natural cleaning agent in our organic soap nuts, saponin, works differently by opening up fibres, keeping them absorbent so they feel softer and fluffier. There is no leftover residue with soap nuts.

How can I get the most wash loads out of my soap nuts?
Don’t overcrowd your washing machine, and keep in mind the hotter the water temperature used, the less you’ll be able to reuse the same soap nuts. This is because more saponin is released in warm and hot water washes.

In which type of washing machine do soap nuts work best?
Soap nuts can be used in both front load and top load washing machines.

How do I know when the soap nuts are used up?
It’s time to use new soap nuts when the old ones have disintegrated. They’ll be falling apart and, if dry, they may also break apart or crumble when you squeeze them. Also, the faint fruity smell will be absent. When they’ve disintegrated and there’s no more fruity smell, you can put the used soap nuts in the compost.

Do soap nuts have a smell?
Soap nuts have a faint fruity smell after they’ve been wet the first time. However, the smell is so faint, your clothes and other laundry will not have any fragrance. One way to tell when your soap nuts no longer have any saponin left in them is when their fruity smell has disappeared.

What does it mean if my soap nuts are sticky?
If your soap nuts are dark and sticky, it usually means they’ve been exposed to humidity. They can still be used to wash your laundry. We recommend storing your soap nuts in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Why can’t I see a lot of suds?
Soap nuts are a natural, low-suds cleaner. Unlike commercial soaps, that have chemicals and artificial foaming agents, soap nuts do not produce a lot of bubbles or foam. While commercial detergents and soap brands have marketed heavily on lots of bubbles and foam, this is not an indicator of cleaning power. There are no added dyes, fillers, or chemicals in Organics for Poverty's organic soap nuts to create lots of foamy suds and bubbles, but the cleaning power is excellent.

Can I use soap nuts if I have a septic tank?
Organics for Poverty's organic soap nuts are environmentally friendly and are great for septic and greywater systems.

Can I still use the soap nuts if I accidentally put them in the dryer?
Yes. They will look different and might be a little rubbery, but they should still be fine to use in your laundry wash.

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