Swapping for Poverty Relief Reduces Landfill

Swapping for Poverty Relief Reduces Landfill

organicsforpoverty Admin

Organics for Poverty is urging people to make conscious fashion choices by swapping instead of dumping clothes and adding to the 500,000 tonnes of annual textile landfill*.

On October 6, Organics for Poverty is holding its inaugural women's fashion swap for poverty relief at the Spring Hill Hall and are inviting people to bring five items of clothes they once loved to swap for a fresh wardrobe.

According to Organic for Poverty’s director, Mandy Plumb, the philanthropic company’s philosophy is to ‘be kind’.

“By swapping clothes instead of throwing them out, you’re being kind to the environment while being kind to yourself; but you’re also being kind to those less fortunate because all proceeds are going to a children’s home in Myanmar,” Mandy said.

“It’s the perfect time of year to spring clean your wardrobe and it’s only $10 to participate, which means you get five (new) fashion items for just $2 each!

“We’ve already received clothing drop-offs and have a huge range of fashionable clothes from vintage to brand new clothes that still have the tag attached.

“Some of the labels so far include Zara, H&M, Guess, and Cue, just to name a few!”

The Swing Set jazz band will be adding to the fun atmosphere on the day with live music. For more details about the event and to book tickets, visit their event page


*Australian Bureau of Statistics