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Zuii Organic’s new Ionic Silver Mist is the perfect non-toxic antibacterial solution for your hands, clothes, and around your home! Spray it on your hands, any part of the body, doorknobs, kitchen surfaces, and more and to sanitise and eliminate bacteria. Silver particles in the Ionic form speed up healing processes and this silver mist is up to 10,000 times more effective than colloidal silver. Made in Australia and comes in a 125mL spray bottle.

Research and scientific studies show that Ionic Silver has antibacterial properties, and that Ionic Silver solution is more potent than Colloidal Silver against pathogens and bacteria.

For more information about the research conducted by Dr. Robert O. Becker on the efficiency and benefits of Ionic Silver, please click here.

Also available, is Zuii Organic's antibacterial Ionic Silver in a gel form.

Spraying the mist in your mouth or drinking it is not recommended.

Ingredients: Aqua, silver ions