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From just 12 cents per laundry wash*, these chemical-free certified organic soap nuts are more affordable than your regular big-brand, chemically-laden laundry detergents! 

Organics for Poverty’s Organic Soap Nuts are a two-in-one laundry wash and fabric softener, leaving your laundry fresh, soft, fluffy and clean. Our soap nuts are not actually a nut; they are the dried fruit shell (seeds removed) of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. When dissolved in water, the natural substance called saponin produces suds and is like soap. The soapy detergent works by removing dirt, grime, oil and stains from clothing, towels, sheets and other fabrics and surfaces.

The mildness of the soap nut will keep your fabric colours bright and protect the fabric structure of your clothes for longer. Naturally hypo-allergenic and free from chemicals, soap nuts are the perfect answer for babies and people with allergies, eczema, perfume sensitivities, and sensitive skin. They are biodegradable and can be added to the compost after use (each soap nut can usually be used at least five times). Check out the FAQs for more information.

Also known as soap berries, soapberry, washing nut and soapnut, our soap nuts are wildly grown near the Himalayas of Nepal and wild-harvested by locals, helping to sustain and support communities.

Choose from two sizes by clicking on the little arrow in the ‘size’ box:

  • 250g bag minimum 80 loads of washing.
  • 500g bag  minimum 160 loads of washing.

 *approximate cost per wash for the 500g bag.

Directions for laundry

  • Put equivalent of 4—5 whole nuts in small cloth bag provided and tie closed.
  • Place bag in wash load and wash as normal (check garment tag for advice on best wash cycle and temperature for the fabric).
  • Remove bag when finished and set aside to dry or do another load.
  • Reuse same soap nuts for at least 4 more wash loads.
  • When soap nuts start to disintegrate, add to the compost and repeat with fresh soap nuts.